Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling – Idea, Design and Price

Basement Remodeling If the basement needs remodeling and you have an excellent idea of what you want done, then you have just taken the first step to creating a design with an affordable price. These are the three main important factors in developing your basement remodeling; idea, design, and price.

Of course, before remodeling any basement into useful and pleasant living or work space, it has to be waterproof. Doing a ceiling that blends in with your idea and stays to your pocket book budget is very easy. Walls with insulation, plumbing, electricity, and the proper finishing touches need to be well measured, with a little bit of carpentry skill.

Stairwells and flooring are also an art in themselves, but with the proper knowledge, and willpower, anything can be done well and cheaply. If looking for an expert, to do the job for you, at least make sure you know the job he will do. These tips can help.

Ideas are important in any new project, as they stimulate the creative process through which we create our dreams and expectations. Design is what brings these dreams into a kind of half way point between reality and fiction.

When organizing your basement remodeling ideas, try a lot of different designs out until you find the one the resonates with you bones, and then take a look at how much it is going to cost you. Of course, you don’t need to be looking at cost every second while you are making sketches on blocks of scratch paper, but try to be at least a little reasonable with what you know you can afford. If you don’t know the price of something, just make some alternative sketches that seem to work with your main idea.

Price is the last thing you go and do, but it doesn’t just mean doing a lot of research on your own, it also means asking yourself relevant questions. Do you want to do this yourself? Or do you want someone else to do the labor intensive stuff? Those choices will affect your price as much as materials. But one thing is for sure, the more you know about the whole subject and the idea as a whole, the better off you are in the long-run and the more confidence you will have.

Usually the ugliest part of a basement is the fact that most have been badly constructed, and are wet and damp areas.

This is easily taken care of with a little waterproofing, which can be done by oneself or by a contracted professional.

But this step should at least always be addressed before starting on any remodeling that could be damaged by leaks or seepage.

Ceilings are usually the first part to be designed. Hanging ceilings, arched ceilings, tray ceilings, or any other possibilities that inspire the imagination can be excellent and well priced choices. The point of remodeling anything is “aesthetics”, so the question is basically, “does it look the way you want?”

Ceilings give an impression of space, so the more architecturally beautiful, the better for the basement’s feeling.

Plumbing, electricity, insulation usually run around in the ceiling of most basements, so if the ceiling is not exactly something that you think about tearing apart later, for repairs, it might be a good idea to redirect electrical conduits and plumbing into wall tubes where everything is more readily accessible.

This is one of the biggest parts of the project, accessibility. Basements have purposes in the house, and some of the biggest are plumbing and electricity, so don’t go ceiling over this stuff in your plans without thinking about the future maintenance costs involved.

Floors and stairwells also come into the picture while doing remodeling in the basement, as they may not be what you are happy with. Maybe they just don’t go with the new wall and ceiling, so take some time thinking about them until you feel they will complete the space.

Wood floor boards might be used all over the house, or just carpeting, but as they need to look like an extension of the upstairs, then, unless your idea is a workspace or anything different, it could just be envisioned like another living room. Usually, this is what makes people feel more comfortable with the idea of doing something with their basement in the first place, the comfort of another living or play room.

Finally, remember that if you are looking for a professional to do this job for you and you want to keep the price reasonable for what you know you can afford, then you have to do the research.

Not just to because of trust, but because of feeling. You have to “feel” that your basement is going to look the way you want, and that means doing a little dreaming and planning around whatever you dreamt of.

That will give you the feeling you are looking for. Otherwise, the whole project will be done according to what your hired help thinks would be good, and two people do not always have the same taste. Remember to waterproof, design the ceiling, walls, plumbing, electricity, floors, stairs and final interior decoration, research your prices and then your basement remodeling will be exactly the way you imagine. Basement Remodeling

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