Beautiful Basement Window Well Ideas 

Beautiful Basement Window Well Ideas 

Beautiful Basement Window Well Ideas Light and ventilation help create an illusion of space when remodeling a basement windowBasement windows need to be well planned to make sure that building codes are followed and that the window itself can become an escape route. The original basement window will usually be so small that it needs to be dug out deeper and wider, and then replaced with a new window and frame. Digging holes for the window are also called wells, or a window well (that which goes down to open the window size). Once the window well is big enough, it can be used as a window egress. That is a place from which a person can come and go.

Why exactly do windows need a well? Basically the window well will provide a kind of shaft through which absurd amounts of natural lighting and ventilation come pouring into the basement. The well, is used like a kind of central ventilation chamber, when interlinked with other accesses to the subsurface, such as the stairwell, or opposing windows, thereby creating a kind of draft that reduces any kind of humidity or radon emissions that may occur from a faulty or wet basement. The basement well, must also be secure against surface water run off, which can be fixed with a French drain for example.

During window placement, remember to put a good size bead of vinyl caulking to prevent any kind of moisture from seeping in, and taking precautions to protect the window around the edges of the frame with layers of vinyl sheeting or some other material that keeps water and cold out. Window placement is easy and simple, once you know what kind of window you want, just remember to make them as wide and tall as your budget will afford, as they make all the difference in the illusion of space. Above the well, usually a safety grate is placed to make sure people don’t walk along and stumble into a kind of tiger trap. But the bigger the well, the bigger the window and usually the easier window placement will be. It might mean chipping away at the solid stone foundation as well, or cutting it with a proper blade, but in the long run it is worth it.

Beautiful Basement Window Well Ideas 

Getting in and out of a window, should be easy and safe, as it is suppose to be large enough to use as a fast escape route or window egress. This means putting in stairs or a ladder. In the case of a ladder, the aesthetic nature of the window well is taken into account while in the case of planters with ferns; the window egress takes on a more back to earth kind of feeling and becomes almost maintenance free. Too many plants might actually complicate the window egress, but just one or two can make the inclined staircase planters an eye attraction, even with an aluminum grate that holds tigers as well as cat-burglars out of the well space.

Making a fire escape from a small old dirty basement window, may sound like a lot work, but once it is finished, the basement becomes another room in the house, just like any other. Windows make the basement come to life, offering a vision of the moon and the stars, bringing in the summer sun and the summer breeze. The whole concept of basement window is to make sure that the illusion of space and comfort become a reality. Natural lighting and ventilation bring open a basement to the same elements as found in the upstairs floors in the house. Basement window Have Your Gardening Designed And Ready To Gos, bring an aesthetic appeal to a room formerly was a nuisance. Beautiful Basement Window Well Ideas 

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