Concrete Coatings

Concrete Coatings

Applying concrete coatings to prevent water intrusion can actually cause damage. Whenever you try to stop water from entering into your basement, you will fail.

Concrete coatings come in many materials and finishes. They can produce a wonderful new appearance for driveways, porches, and patios. Unfortunately, many people mistake this beautiful finished product as a method for stopping water from coming into their basement or through foundation walls. Some concrete sealant companies even advertise that their product can stop water problems. Let’s review the truth. Concrete waterproofing coatings are applied to the inside of basement walls and, when combined 

with water, will form a solid cement coating that seals the wall from the inside. This process does work fine. However, you still have not controlled the water problem. Instead, a barrier has been made to stop the water from coming into the basement. The water has still entered into the foundation of your home and will deteriorate both the foundation wall, as well as the coating itself.

Rather than trying to stop water from entering in your basement with a concrete coating, its better to manage the water with a waterproofing system, and divert it away from the home. View our products page for various recommended products.

Of course, concrete coatings sure are pretty for other applications!

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