Concrete Road 4 Reasons Why You Need To Crack Fill Before Winter

Concrete Road 4 Reasons Why You Need To Crack Fill Before Winter

Concrete Road …..The winter months can be tough for concrete driveways. The cold temperatures gradually wear down even the firmest of surfaces. The smallest crack can quickly turn into a serious problem as icy rainwater makes its way into concrete and then freezes, leaving what used to be hairline fractures in a much more severe state. The single most important lesson of concrete management is that a timely response is a valuable one.

In fact, most cracks which appear in concrete during the winter are a result of this liquid migration – the water first pools on the surface of concrete, then penetrates the surface. The expansion force created actively widens any internal fractures which it encounters. In other words, if you want to avoid having to deal with a seriously damaged driveway come the spring, you need to be willing to crack fill before winter arrives.

This guide to the top 4 reasons to crack fill before winter will help you get to grips with the basics of concrete maintenance and show you how to keep your driveway in tip top condition.

1. Packing the Cracks

You should think about cracks in concrete the same way as you would a crack in a car windscreen. As all competent motorists know, if you leave a fracture (no matter how small), it will eventually turn into a serious problem – the same rules apply for cracks in concrete. If you spot any fissures wider than a hairline fracture, you need to invest in some concrete filler and get to work plugging the gap. The earlier you catch these minor aberrations, the healthier your concrete driveway will be when the weather and temperatures start to turn.

2. When the Time Is Right

The autumn, just before winter arrives and temperatures start dropping, is the ideal time to crack fill. This is because concrete driveway patches, fillers, and other sealing substances all tend to set fastest when they are used in an environment which is above fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you will need at least half a week of dry weather, in order to give the filler or patch enough time to settle and harden. If you set to crack filling in the early autumn, you should have no problem finding a rain free week.

3. Securing with Sealant

One of the quickest and easiest ways to secure the integrity and strength of a concrete driveway is to treat it with sealant, after you have crack filled any and all troublesome fissures. If you use a reliable sealant, the substance will pull and hold the concrete surface together and make it much less likely to prise apart, even in wet weather. For this to happen, however, you need at least two rain free days – if the sealant does not set properly, the concrete will not be waterproof.

4. Avoiding Additional Damage

The bottom line is that, if you put the work into taking care of a concrete driveway whilst things are good (as opposed to only reacting to problems once they have already made their mark), you will have a lot less work to do in the winter. It is all about crack prevention; whilst it is not always possible to entirely avoid hairline fractures, if you deal with them as they appear, they will never get a chance to expand and jeopardize the integrity of your driveway. It is important to remember that sand is a much better choice than de-icing chemicals; encourage ice to melt by sprinkling sand directly on top of it.

Calling In the Experts

You can, of course, call in the help of an expert concrete road specialist if you are not confident about handling cracks on your own. The first step, when doing this, should be to arrange a consultation with the company of your choice – without a visual assessment of the situation, a repair specialist cannot give you an accurate cost estimate. There is nothing stopping you from getting more than one company quote, so shop around and make sure that you find the very best concrete repair expert for your needs Concrete Road.

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