General Contractor Responsibilities

Contractor Responsibilities

Contractor Responsibilities is obligated to include the contract price for compliance with the stipulations outlined in this section, as well as all other necessary elements to successfully execute the requisite excavation and earthwork tasks.

Responsibility falls upon the contractor to facilitate and ensure the completion of all essential temporary structures, which are crucial for supporting the excavation process.

In this capacity, the contractor is tasked with conducting thorough site investigations, developing appropriate designs, fulfilling statutory obligations, overseeing construction, conducting testing and monitoring, and subsequently dismantling any temporary structures as required by the Engineer and/or local Authority.

The construction methodology employed by the contractor must adhere to the stricter of either statutory limitations governing lateral and vertical ground movements, construction-related noise, vibration, and air pollution levels, or those limits that are essential for safeguarding neighboring roads, structures, and their associated facilities.

It is important to note that the contractor’s compliance with these restrictions does not absolve them of their sole responsibility for any resulting damages to adjacent structures, roads, or properties arising from excavation activities.

Excavation work is to be executed in alignment with specified lines, levels, and grades necessary to meet the project’s requirements.

Additionally, any excess excavated material must be properly removed from the site. The contractor is also required to provide suitable protection for exposed excavation surfaces using approved materials.

Furthermore, the arrangement and timing of slope protection must be appropriately synchronized with the chosen construction method.

Prior to commencing excavation or earthwork, the contractor is obliged to undertake preparatory measures to verify and supplement the provided soil report and any additional information provided during the tender process, as deemed necessary based on their construction approach.

A preliminary on-site investigation must be conducted by the contractor to accurately determine the locations and elevations of existing underground utilities both within and surrounding the construction site.

These utilities, impacted by excavation and earthwork, necessitate the implementation of necessary temporary or permanent measures to safeguard, redirect, or deactivate these services to the satisfaction of the local Authority.

All aspects of design, shop drawings, specifications, and the sequencing and scheduling of temporary work placement must receive certification from a Professional Engineer designated by the contractor.

Copies of these certified documents are to be supplied to the Engineer for record-keeping purposes.

The contractor is also mandated to submit relevant sections or the entirety of these certified designs, drawings, and specifications as required to obtain clearances and the requisite statutory permit from the local Authority for the commencement of excavation and earthwork.

The Contractor Responsibilities is further obligated to adhere to any additional statutory prerequisites related to temporary work that may arise during the course of the project.

Upon the completion of construction activities, the contractor is responsible for the removal of all temporary structures, meeting the satisfaction of the Engineer and/or the local Authority.

This process includes procuring approved fill material, its transportation, deposition within voids between the excavation’s face and the permanent structure, and compaction to achieve the prescribed lines, levels, and grades essential for the successful conclusion of the excavation and earthwork.

With the Engineer’s approval, surplus excavated material may be employed as fill, provided it meets the specifications outlined in this document. Contractor Responsibilities

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