Drain Tile

Drain Tile

A drain tile system provides an excellent solution to basement waterproofing without the disruption of external repairs. Drain systems capture water before they enters the basement and deliver them to a sump pump or gravity flow, which keeps the water away from your home.

Installation of drain tiles systems are similar throughout the country. First, a section of the basement floor is removed to allow access beneath the floor. The amount of concrete removed is typically is between 12-24 inches away from the wall itself. Next, the trench is dug out to remove loose debris and dirt. The drain is laid into the trench and covered with a filter rock. Additionally, Mira Drain (a drainage product that captures water above the floor level and delivers it to the drain tile) is installed above the filter rock and up the side of the wall above the floor level.

Finally, the concrete floor is replaced with new concrete With this system, all areas where water can enter the basement are addressed. If water comes into the basement at the cove area (where the floor and wall meet), it is captured by the Mira drain and diverted to the drain tile system.

If water comes in through the wall itself, it will run down the wall, be captured by the mira drain, and delivered into the drain tile system. IF water comes up through the floor (from hydrostatic pressure), the drain tile system will capture this water also.

Once the water has been delivered into the drain tile system, it is sent to a source to remove the water. This is typically achieved with a sump pump or a gravity flow (allowing the water to flow downhill to an outside source).

This system works very well and typically comes with a long term guarantee. It avoids the nasty disruption of digging up the outside of the home to install the system, as well as the added costs to doing the repair in this fashion.

As an added safety feature, some companies will install a “sock” around the drain tile system. This will prevent any dirt or debris from getting into the piping and causing clogs.

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