How To Identify Hidden Water Damage

How To Identify Hidden Water Damage

Hidden Water Damage We’ve recently been remodeling our kitchen, and so on the second day of taking the cabinets out, we discovered a little minefield at the rear of our sink. The water pipe had been quietly leaking for an unknown length of time and had thoroughly destroyed the floor, cupboard, etc. all-around it. This small setback will surely cost us a pretty penny since we will have to fix up much more than we assumed.

So You have to be aware of water leaks, make certain to take a look at water pipes and connections often. Especially in locations you don’t get to see frequently, the basement could be one of these. Check for water signs within the surrounding areas of the pipe joints, such as mildew, moisture, rotting drywall, etc. Water is really a difficult thing, Always make sure that whenever you make a new connection, you do it right the very first time, simply because even a little leak can cause plenty of headaches and a lot of money to be wasted.

How To Identify Hidden Water Damage

Monitor your foundation, make certain you don’t see any cracks anywhere, and in case you’ll find any seal them. Another spot to be wary of water damage and mold is windows, in case your windows haven’t been updated, make sure they are sealed properly and so they don’t let water in.

I now know considerably more about water damage and mold than I knew before, which will come in useful in the near future. The experience was without doubt one to be learned from, I just wish we’d detected it sooner and averted all the foundation damage.

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