PVC Membrane Roofing – Main Advantages and Benefits

PVC Membrane Roofing waterproofing

PVC Membrane Roofing waterproofing brings many benefits to construction buildings. Belows is summary of PVC membrane roof advantages.

  • Reliable Heat-Welded Seams – Thermo fused. Seams areas offer high strength and extreme reliability.
  • Proven performance – More than 40 years & independently rated. Excess 350 million square meter roof areas installed worldwide.
  • Good low temperature flexibility and high temperature tolerance – Insensitivity to hot/cold cycles.
  • Cost effective – Low life cycle costs, including reduced expenses for energy and maintenance.
  • Design flexibility – Freedom to design the roof. No limitation to creativity and yet functional roof system. E.g. roof pitch can be 0deg. Stagnant Water is not effecting the performance of the Membrane.
  • Fire resistant – Does not contribute to the spread of flames because of its inherent self extinguishing properties.
  • Energy efficient – White color membrane. Reflective Energy Smart Roof is Energy Star approved and proven to save thousands in cooling costs. E.g. Grey colour membrane has 43% of solar reflectivity.
  • Resistant to root growth and micro-organisms – Certified by FLL for root resistance membrane.
  • Chemical resistant – Able to withstand prolonged exposure to numerous industrial wastes and chemicals including some oils. Thermoplastic by nature are corrosion free product.
  • Easy to repair – Should mechanically damage occurs; it can be easily found and repaired.
  • Quick and easy installation – Membrane come in standard 2m wide x 25m length. Resulting less join/seams; reduce wastages during installation and less installation time.
  • High vapour transmission – Vapour permeability. Excellent feature particularly for re-roofing over existing worn off waterproofing membrane and wet substrates. No blistering problem.
  • Adaptability to structure movement – Dimensional stability.
  • UV resistant – Resistance to weathering and ultraviolet rays.
  • Lacquer finish layer – Help to repel airborne dirt on membrane surface.
  • Easy to handle detailing parts – PVC membrane can be stretched and moulded to flash vent stacks, corners or other details.
  • Re-roofing project – Easy, fast & clean installation; No removal cost (existing waterproofing); No disturbance to occupier
  • Light weight builds up roof system – Membrane is only 1.6kg/m2.
  • PVC Membrane Roofing waterproofing

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