Wet Basement

Wet Basement Repair in an Unregulated Industry

Wet basement repair in an unregulated industry, a world of short term gains, and unrelenting interest; the need for concern, respect, planning, and an honorable word become ever more important to the homeowner who suffers from damp, moldy, cracked, wet or completely flooded basement.

Any and all problems with basements and foundations can be fixed before construction even begins, the question we ask ourselves however is; Why didn’t the architect or construction company know there was going to be a problem in the first place? The answer is simple, lack of respect and short term interests.

The architect may originally be interested and genuinely concerned, but without proper inspection of the construction site (on location), he might never even see or even know for that matter, where his building or buildings will go, while the engineers are thinking about getting the job done efficiently in a realistic time frame with a realistic budget. The end result is a building that has flaws and an industry that can be divided into big bucks private contractors (with licenses), private one-man contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners.

Wet Basement

As the demand for cheap housing increases and the professional world of construction contractors is more union intense, the quality of the final product seems to find itself in a decadent downward spiral that dances violently into the blackness of oblivion. Unethical real estate speculators making an already declining area intolerable would make the people of ancient Rome riot in outrage before the Senate steps. The Roman aqueducts that were built to carry water for miles and miles from the mountains to the city are still standing, even after 2000 years of war and turmoil.

Empires have been won and lost in this time, countries have fallen and risen in anarchy to the drum of a tyrants rage, yet the structures of that time still survive. Why? Because even the most tortured and abused of roman slaves who built them took pride in what they were doing. In short, those architects and their foreman who drove the slaves had a respect that was inspired by their gods and their emperor, not their pocket books. Sure they saw things in terms of life or death, but should this be any different when the average citizen has to deal with wet basement repair after two years and the warranty has already ran out?!

No. When we make contracts and break them, we have disgraced our honor! Who would listen to a liar? Yet wet basements are always reappearing. One after the other and the problem is just getting worse.

Perhaps a contractor has even taken all the proper precautions and is working on a big scale project with entirely closed condominiums and fortified communities with one house after the other in a popular middle class fashion. But still, months afterwards, when all the homeowners have already bought the houses and are living their, thinking of children, the basement walls start to mold over, crack and generally wet the whole place down in pools of overflowing lime?!? This is because they are not thinking about how wet basements occur. They are not planning for this.

The architect may have even visited and thought it was a bad idea, but never the less, engineers only want “one” set of architectural blue prints to follow and modify as is necessary. Who is the architect to tell them what can and can’t be done? Or even the other way around? This lack of communication between all sectors of bigger companies is what allows them to “overlook” certain details that are house to house. And when money is involved shareholders are not given the “whole picture”, because it’s just to complicated, and could lead to “loss of money”, which could break somebody, and nobody wants to break, so they think of short-term profit. This thinking causes a lack of respect all along its chain, and in the end lands in the private homeowner’s lap, who ends up finally looking for wet basement repair.

The search for solutions to basements that suffer from dampness, mildew, leaky walls, and generally overall wet environments, developed in and of itself an entire industry of wet basement repair, born of an unregulated industry; itself also unregulated. There are different categories of basement and foundation repair and remodeling, some ethical others not so ethical. There are private contracting companies with licenses that will ask big bucks for their services (which can be pricey), private one-man contractors who survive off of client indication and not expensive marketing techniques (old fashioned honor system) and finally the do-it-yourself homeowner handymen and women.

The handywoman or man, is going to have the most interest in their house as it is theirs, but usually lack know-how, and after realizing how hard it is to really do-it-yourself, end up doing a halfway patch up job. This can be unfulfilling and discouraging, and will usually end up in flip through the Yellow pages. If the Yellow pages take the homeowner to a private contractor, money and price usually tend to guarantee a professional job. But the price can kill.

Private one-man contractors are usually guys who have been in this business of wet basements for many years and have actually fixed the problem many times. They have lived with green fungus and rust so often and specialized in it in such a way, that they have a kind of passion for what they do. They tend to do the job right if they have good recommendations, because they care. They have ethics and a concept of honor that reverberates through space and time from the days of ancient Rome, when the slave placed mortar with pride and respect for the gods and the emperor.

Humankind is living at the speed of fiber optics in a world of supply and demand, but basements still keep getting wet and still need to be repaired, because people keep getting ripped off by the original house builders who either didn’t think about the problem or didn’t care, due to short-term profit expectations.This lack of respect that so utterly destroys our faith in real estate speculators is one that must be addressed at one time or another and eventually if not by the original contractor, will fall into the hands of the private homeowner. The owner has the choice of repairing the basement or foundation her or himself, paying big bucks for a private contractor or looking for a trustworthy one-man (even one-woman, for that matter) professional who really loves what they do, care, respect and even depends on good honorable service to survive the coliseum lions with licenses and big marketing strategies.Wet Basement

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